Preparing for moving day

The day you move house is likely to be a busy one, but you can make the process less stressful with good preparation. If you have grown attached to your home over many years, the move can also be quite emotional, but following our advice will help you plan and manage the day.

Before you move

  • Give your notice to vacate to your current landlord or letting agent
  • Set up a standing order or direct debit for your new rent payments – at KFH, we organise this for you, however some letting agents may not
  • Notify your bank, insurance, mobile phone and any other utility companies of your new address
  • Notify utility providers of your change of address and if you are considering switching, research the best value companies for your new property
  • Set up a redirection for your post

Find out more about the TDS in our guide to tenants’ rights and responsibilities in our guide.

Moving out

  • Submit final electricity, gas and water meter readings to the relevant utility providers
  • Ensure you remove all personal items, the property is cleaned to a high standard and furniture is returned to its original place. Some landlords and letting agents require professional ‘end of tenancy’ cleaning When arranging cleaning, this should also include communal external areas - check beforehand and book a cleaning company if necessary, retaining any receipts
  • Repair any damage caused to the property during your tenancy and replace any items that cannot be repaired, retaining receipts for your records
  • Return the keys to the landlord or letting agent, and obtain a receipt

Moving in

  • Ensure you have read and understood the tenancy agreement, signed and returned it
  • Ensure you have payed the first month’s rent and deposit, if you have not done so already – you letting agent will usually prompt you and ensure this is completed before moving in
  • Collect the keys for your new property from the letting agent or landlord
  • Take gas, electricity and water readings at your new property
  • Double check that you have seen the gas safety and energy performance certificates, the location of and operating instructions for the boiler, heating and any appliances, as well as the location of the stop cock, fuse box and any meters

For further information about preparing for your moving day, talk to a Moreland letting agent.

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