Ways to Make Your House Look Luxurious

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Adding hints of well places objects and colour to your home can give it that effortless luxury feel.


Be minimalist when choosing colours in a room, giving a room a neutral palette gives it a sophisticated feel. Taupe grey and muted darks are good choices.

The neutral colours are a great base added statement accessories, choose a metal like silver copper or rose gold. Sleek statement objects make the room look more expensive and up market.

Lighting it very important in a room, a statement light can be the perfect thing in the center of a room. A well places lamp and candle also adds to the overall finish of a room.

Fabrics like Wool blankets, textured curtains and rugs add texture and give a cosy yet luxurious feel to a room.

Plants are also great to add a pop of natural colour, you can get some beautiful faux plants, but real plants do give the room a better feel.

Artwork is a popular way to make a room look high-class, art is very personal. Whatever you choose, make sure it suits the colour palette you have chosen, as well as a suitable frame.