Prepare Your Home for Winter

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The days are growing shorter, the trees are losing their leaves and there are soon to be frosty mornings. it's the time to prepare your home for winter.

1. Bills are always going to be more in winter, have a shop around and try and save some money on bills. You might save some money that can be put towards Christmas presents. 

2. If you've still got garden furniture out you may want to put it in the shed if it's foldable, or cover it to keep it protected from the weather. You may not be needing it again until spring so it's worth covering it a specially if it's wooden.

3. Change your thermostat setting for winter, set it to be lower when you are out and to warm up before you get home. If you keep you at a more regular heat you can avoid problems in the future like cracked or burst pipes which

can happen if the temperate changes too quickly. 

4. To keep heat in your home you can stitch reflective material to the back of your curtains, and put some on external walls behind your radiators. You can also buy draft excluders for your doors and letterbox which will also help keep the heat in your home. 

5. Check your gutter are clean and clear and your roof tiles are still in good shape, you don't want to rise any leaks, this is better done earlier than later when there is still light in the afternoons. 

6. trim any large trees and bushes in your front garden, with cold whether there is ice and you dot want any branches falling.