New cameras to keep roads safe and traffic moving

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New measures to improve road safety around the borough’s streets and schools are set to be introduced.

From March this year, CCTV cameras will be installed and Keep Clear signs updated at a number of schools across the borough. The aim of the new CCTV cameras is to act as a deterrent to parents and carers driving dangerously or parking illegally on yellow zig-zag markings whilst dropping-off and picking-up their children at school, as well as reducing school-run traffic.

The council’s Safe and Sustainable Travel Team will work alongside schools to help develop a ‘Parking Pledge’ which offers guidance for parents and carers about driving and parking safely, as well as helping to promote walking, cycling, scooting and public transport travel to schools.

At the same time the council will also be installing CCTV cameras at a number of locations around the borough to help improve safety, keep traffic moving and reduce air pollution on the borough’s roads. Cameras will be sited to deter motorists from performing banned right or left turns, ignoring a ‘no entry’ sign, blocking yellow box junctions, illegal U-turns and driving the wrong way down a one-way street.

Drivers who perform any of these illegal manoeuvres will initially be sent a Penalty Charge ‘warning notice.’ These warning notices will have a zero value for the first month after the cameras are installed, and from April 2016 they will become official notice with a paid-for penalty charge.

Head Teacher of Deansbrook Infants School, Carole Catley, said: "We have been concerned for some time about the way parents at the school park outside the gate and drive dangerously.

“Through our weekly newsletters, parents and carers have been constantly reminded about parking responsibly but, unfortunately, a very small proportion of our community still choose to continue to be inconsiderate. We are, therefore, delighted that our school has been chosen to trial the new CCTV cameras and hope that these will help to keep our children safe."

Chairman of Barnet Council’s Environment Committee, Councillor Dean Cohen said: “These new CCTV cameras are a big step in the right direction towards helping improve road safety in our borough, especially for children going to and from school.

“Road safety around our schools and on the borough’s roads remains a top priority, as is traffic congestion. I am confident these measures will help keep traffic moving safely in our borough.

“By installing these cameras at key trouble spots in the borough, we will be able to make sure that drivers keep to the laws of our roads and in turn keep residents safe.”