Examining the unusual food available from the shops in Golders Green and what recipes you can make

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One of the amazing fruits we have discovered this week is a green looking melon, and, upon further investigation we have found this to be a "Christmas Melon" or 'Santa Claus Melon".  Quite amusing considering some of the shops are already displaying their Chrismas wares, and yet it is only October!  So please don't be mad with us, we just thought it looked cool and wondered what it was!

The Christmas Melon is sometimes known as piel de sapo (toadskin), and it is a variety of melon (family CucurbitaceaeCucumis melo, Inodorus group) originating in Spain that grows to about a foot in length and is oval in shape. It has a thick, green-striped outer rind and pale green to white inner flesh with a mild melon flavour and sweetness close to honeydew melons. When you cut a Christmas melon, it is advised that you cut it end to end and then scoop the pips out.  It is super juicy and tastes very sweet.  Much sweeter than a Honeydew Melon!

So looking online we have discovered that the Christmas melon is perfect if you like a Winter smoothie:



Garnish with:

Redcurrants & holly leaves, for a real Christmas treat (okay, I know we aren't there yet, but 3 months, eek)

Additional Ingredients:

2 Limes

Half Pint Milk

10 Ice Cubes

2 tablespoons Honey



Once you have scooped out the pips, scoop half of the flesh out and add into your blender.

Add the ice cubes.

Squeeze the limes of one lime and add to blender.

Add the honey.



Garnish with a lime slice off each glass.

The holly leaves (wash them first)

Hook the redcurrants over the glass (they look like the holly berries, but they are edible!)



Christmas melon Smoothie