Taking a look at the beauty of our area and what landmarks and attractions are not to be missed this Summer. Part Two.

In Brief...

This week I took a stroll around Golders Hill Park in Golders Green to see what it had to offer.

In Full...

As I approached the entrance gates to Golders Hill Park I was greeted by a very friendly 'Gussy the Ice Cream Man' in his van, and I managed to get myself an extra flake on my 99 whippy cone (but don't tell him I told you that)!Gussy The Ice Cream Man in Golders Green

Inside the gates I found the sign telling me where everything is located and immediately came across the Golders Hill Park Cafe, which was a hive of activity, but I didn't go in as I still had my ice-cream on the go!

Golders Hill Park

Golders Hill Park Cafe

Already I was thinking how pretty the park was.  Well done Golders Green!  I was also very happy to see the ladies toilets (there is also a disabled toilet if needed) and after a quick visit, I walked on and came to the large pond.  Now, this is very pretty indeed, with stone bridges running over the water and a lot of wildlife to be seen.

  Golders Hill Park Pond

Taking the path to the right-hand side I came across a lovely garden area with a pergola and benches all around to sit and admire the fabulous flowers and plants.  

Flowers in Golders Hill Park


Gardens in Golders Hill Park

After leaving the gardens and walking over the stone bridge, I came across the Butterfly House.  Unfortunately, I did not have time to go inside, but I shall return at some point and have a visit because I love butterflies!

Butterfly House in Golders Hill Park

Walking on around the pathway I saw a sign for 'The Golders Hill Park Stumpery'.  It did make me giggle a little bit as I had never heard of a stumpery before, but once I realised it was full of tree stumps and that on each one was a squirrel, I thought it was incredibly apt.

A family next to me were feeding the squirrels and offered me some monkey nuts, which had them all swarming towards me!  I loved it and it reminded me of being a young girl in Bushey Park with my dad.

Squirrel feeding in Golders Hill Park


Coming out of the end of the Stumpery I walked across the park towards a piece of art, or a sculptural installation (which I have now found out is by Wendy Taylor, and I will tell you all about that in a different blog).

Golders Hill Park Feature

Walking across the park I came across a man feeding a big bird, I thought it was an emu, but later discovered it was called a Greater Rhea!

Greater Rhea Golders Hill Park

Further around the Parkside trail, I came across a lot of deer.  I have to say that I think deer are the most engaging animals with those big brown eyes!

Deer in Golders Hill Park Golders Green

At the back of the area with the fallow deer is a playground with lots of children having an amazing time.  I did take a photo from a distance so as not to capture any children on camera, so I hope you can see!

Fallow Deer in Golders Hill Park

Then, I came across the children's zoo!  I have to admit that it was hard to photograph the animals through the fence, which I know is necessary, but I did see some lovely creatures such as owls, kookaburras and ring-tailed Coati.

Laughing Kookaburra at Golders Hill Park


Moving on from the zoo, I wanted to find the Pergoda...  but I came, instead, across The Bandstand.  Looks lovely but would be much better with a band playing!  Anyone know when the band plays at Golders Hill Park?

The Bandstand at Golders Hill Park

I also observed a very tranquil scene, this lady had been running around the park earlier when I arrived, and here she is having a lie in the sunshine.  

Relaxing after a run in Golders Hill Park

On the way back it, it was lovely to see so many families and children playing.  A family blowing bubbles and trying to catch them.. who did that when they were little?

A kite flying high and children running after it.  

Blowing Bubbles in Golders Hill Park Flying a kite in Golders Hill Park

And just as I was leaving, I went to say goodbye to another 'architectural installation' or statue, this time a naked man with a bowl in his hand (I bet you wondered what I was going to say??) and at that point Mr Gussy the Ice Cream Man came and took my photo!  But sadly you only get to see the naked man...

Statue in Golders Hill Park

That's it folks!!


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